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FD-570  (3-Methacryloxypropyl)trimethoxysilane

Brand: FeidianChem
Company Type: Manufacturer/Exporter
CAS NO.: 2530-85-0
Synonyms: γ-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane / GOPTS / Silane Coupling Agent
Mini order quantity: 200kg
Applications: Industrial Use
Country of Origin: Tongling/Anhui/China

Product Details

γ-Methylacryloxyl propyl trimethoxylsilane
Equivalent Brands:
Momentive: A-174 
Dow Corning: Z-6030 
Shin Etsu: KBM-503
1. Acrylyl oxyl reaction activity.
2. Improve the mechanical properties of composite materials.
3. Improve compatibility between inorganic filler and polymer.
Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Typical Properties:
Refractive Index(20℃): 1.4290
Density (20℃): 1.045 g/ml
Flash point: 108 ℃
Boiling point (760mmHg): 255 ℃
1. Glass fiber surface finishing: This product is used in the glass fiber treatment industry. It is prepared as glass fiber infiltrating solution for the treatment of glass fiber, which can improve the compatibility of glass fiber and polymer, improve the dispersion, and thus increase the mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced composites.
2. Artificial stone: This product is used in the artificial stone industry, can improve the compatibility of various fillers and matrix resin, improve the mechanical properties of stone, is one of the indispensable additives in artificial stone industry.
3. Composite material: This product can improve the dry and wet mechanical properties of polyester matrix composites filled with white carbon black, glass, silicate and metal oxide fillers.
4. This product can improves the wet electrical properties of many composites filled with inorganic mineral, such as crosslinked ethylene and polyvinyl chloride.
5. Adhesive: This product can be copolymerized with vinyl acetate and acrylate or methacrylate monomer to produce wet curable methylsilylated polymer. These methylsilylated polymers are widely used in coatings, adhesives and sealants, providing excellent adhesion and weather resistance.

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