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FD-602  N-(2-Aminoethyl)(3-aminopropyl)methyldimethoxysilane

Brand: FeidianChem
Company Type: Manufacturer/Exporter
CAS NO.: 3069-29-2
Synonyms: N-Beta-(Aminoethyl)-Gamma-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane
Mini order quantity: 200kg
Applications: Viscoifier / Casting resin / Silicone softener
Country of Origin: Tongling/Anhui/China

Product Details

N-(β-aminoethyl)-γ-Aminopropyl methyldimethylsilane
Equivalent Brands:
Momentive: A-2120 
Shin Etsu: KBM-602
1. Acrylyl oxyl reaction activity.
2. Better hydrolytic stability.
3. Improve the mechanical properties of composite materials.
4. Improve compatibility between inorganic filler and polymer.
Typical Properties:
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Refractive Index(20℃): 1.4447
Density (20℃): 0.975 g/ml
Flash point: 110 ℃
Boiling point (760mmHg): 265 ℃
1. Viscoifier: This product is diaminosilane, has stronger amino reaction activity, can increase the adhesion ability of organic materials to inorganic base materials, is a general viscosifier, suitable for most formula systems.
2. Casting resin: In the casting resin industry, as an additive, it can obviously improve the tensile and compressive mechanical properties of the casting sand core, and is a general additive for the casting resin industry.
3. Silicone softener: As a diaminosilane, it can be used as the raw material of modified silicone oil and a variety of silicone super soft finishing agents. After the introduction of amino functional groups in the side chain, it can greatly improve the orientation of organosilicon (molecule) on the fiber, increase the affinity to fiber, and give all kinds of fibers super soft, smooth, drape, anti-static, washable, wrinkle-resistant and other effects.

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