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About Us

FeidianChem founded in 2002, as a innovative material company focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of silane and silicone additives.

 Anhui-Feidianchem project is an important step in the strategic development of the basic production plant.

ANHUI FEIDIAN ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD  is located in the "Chinese copper" Anhui Tongling, which covers an area of nearly 133333M2, this plant in strict accordance with the highest requirements for the construction of chemical plants . Anhui plant is built in two building phases. The first phase has been officially put into use in 2019 year, this plant production capacity of 20,000 tons. The second phase is expected to be officially launch in 2023 year, which will have an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of whole-series organic silicon additives.

 FeidianChem has 20 years of in-depth silicone market experience, We have more than 200 regular products, serving more than 5000 customers, industries involved include: composite materials, rubber tires, modified plastics, casting, coating inks, adhesives, textile printing and dyeing and other 80 industries.

All of FeidianChem staff will service professional technology to our customer. Our actions are based on our mission "being an innovator of silicone application", and uphold the concept of "honesty, green and innovation".

Zhejiang Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd.
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