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Environmental protection priority:
The factory attached great importance to environmental protection at the beginning of its design and construction. we incinerated the waste liquid, waste residue, and waste gas produced in the production process through the incinerator built in the plant area, and the tail gas was discharged into the atmosphere only after it reached the emission standard. this can effectively reduce the emission of pollutants by more than 95%. The wastewater produced in the factory area is uniformly treated by the park's own sewage treatment equipment, and it is confirmed that it meets the standard of the sewage treatment station in the park before it will be discharged to the sewage treatment station in the park. We also try our best to rationalize and reuse other solid wastes such as packaging materials to reduce the production of waste.


Process advantages:
In terms of production safety control, the factory is equipped with an SIS safety control system, DCS automatic control system, and a whole process video monitoring system, which jointly ensures the control accuracy and stability between batches in the production process. Colleagues, these three systems all have good scalability to meet the needs of the factory's long-term planning.


Testing R & D:
The technology center is equipped with advanced testing and analysis instruments such as the world's leading Agilent Gas Chromatography (GC), which can not only meet the needs of daily testing but also provide authoritative test results. The company has strong innovation and R & D capabilities and a number of national patents. The R & D team has its own R & D laboratory in the national key silicone experimental park. Relying on the powerful testing and analysis platform of the park, it has been engaged in independent innovation research and development for more than 20 years, and project cooperation with domestic universities with leading silicone technology can effectively meet the customized needs of customers.

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