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  • The construction of the second phase of Anhui Feidian Project was officially started

    In 2022, the construction of the second phase of Anhui Feidian Project was officially started, and the project is expected to be completed in 2023.


    At same year, (Foreign Trade) qingdao office was established 
    As the company's capacity continues to expand, it needs to further expand the global market, so the company set up a new foreign trade department in Qingdao. As a coastal city, Qingdao has a good foundation for chemical trade.

  • Anhui Feidian Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd was established。

    The organic silicon additives was launched in Tongling,Anhui Province.

    The project finally completed the construction of a production base with high specifications and standards in Tongling National Chemical Park, which is an important step in the company's strategic transformation.


    In the same year,Hefei Office was established.

    In order to support the sales center of Anhui factory and further expand the market, a sales office in Hefei, Anhui Province was set up. 

  • The laboratory was established in March 2012

    Laboratory is located in Hangzhou Normal University Science Park, which has a National Key Laboratory of organic silicon, which is a good platform as the company's R & D and testing work. At this lab, where mainly engaged in the field of organic silicon and other fields of research and development and application evaluation, to provide a solid technical support for the development of the company. 

  • Chengdu office was established in 2010

    Chengdu office was established as a foothold in the western market. At present, the whole economic development of the western region started soon, the company has got ready to serve the western region 

  • 2009 Foreign Trade Shanghai office was established

    2009 (Foreign Trade) Shanghai office was established 
    Whether domestic or foreign trade for the development of the company has a strategicrole,therefore, ou「 company has established in Shanghai domestic and foreign  trade office. Foreign trade is an important fulcrum of the company's business development, which develop Shanghai's international status of overseas business. 


    Jinan office was established in 2009 
    Development so far, the service area of Jinan office has been throughout the whole of Shandong and Henan area, which making the company's business has spread throughout the central-China market 

  • In 2007 the Hangzhou headquarters moved to new premises

    As the business continues to expand, our simple offices has been unable to meet development needs, so our headquarter ushered in the housewarming as turned gorgeous.


    Xiamen office was established in 2007
    In order to continuously promote the business development in the southeast region, Xiamen office established in December 2007. Developing till now, Xiamen office has been in business throughout Fujian and the surrounding provinces and cities, which has played an important role in promoting the business in the southeast region of our company. 


  • Rapid expansion of business in 2004, the establishment of the Guangzhou Office

    The establishment of Guangdong Office brings more efficient and comprehensive services into the Pearl River Delta, which effectively expands the scope of business and lays the foundation for future development. 

  • 2002 in Hangzhou started

    Our office started our dream trip.

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