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FD-550  (3-Aminopropyl)triethoxysilane

Brand: FeidianChem
Company Type: Manufacturer/Exporter
CAS NO.: 919-30-2
Synonyms: Coupling agent / Aminopropyltriethoxysilane / APTES / Sio2 Aptes / 3-Triethoxysilylpropylamine
Mini order quantity: 200kg
Applications: Industrial Use
Country of Origin: Tongling/Anhui/China

Product Details

γ-Aminopropyl triethoxy silane
Equivalent Brands:
Momentive: A-1100 
Dow Corning: Z-6011
Shin Etsu: KBE-903
1. Amino reactive activity.
2. Improve the mechanical properties of composite materials.
3. Improve compatibility between inorganic filler and polymer.
Typical Properties:
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Refractive Index(20℃): 1.4200
Density (20℃) : 0.946 g/ml
Flash point : 96 ℃
Boiling point (760mmHg) : 220 ℃
1. Composite Material: It is widely used in composite materials to improve the compatibility of inorganic filler and polymer in composite materials. The mechanical properties, such as tensile and bending resistance, as well as thermal properties, electrical properties and water resistance, etc. of the composites are significantly improved. Especially suitable for all kinds of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.
2. Resin Modified: This product can be used as the raw material of a new generation of amino modified silicone oil and a variety of silicone super soft finishing agents.
3. Adhesive: This product used in nitrile - phenolic structural adhesive, polyethylene butanaldehyde - phenolic adhesive, polyurethane adhesive hot melt adhesive, add 1% of the solid content or less, can make the bond strength increased by 60% to 100%. Add this sealant to polyurethane sealant and plastic-melt sealant to obtain long-term adhesion to glass, masonry, metal and other substrates, and have excellent stability and high elongation to the climate.
4. Coating/Ink: This product can be used in coating, ink as an adhesive enhancer to improve adhesion, reduce curing temperature, improve weather resistance, etc.
5. Casting Resin Industry: This product can be used in the casting industry to reduce the amount of resin in silica sand, improve the strength of mold sand (about 30%) and reduce gas production.
6. Magnetic Material: This product used in magnetic materials can improve the dispersion and adhesion of the plastic magnetic and rubber magnetic particles in organic compound, so that the magnetic particles have a higher orientation. So that it can obtain better magnetic properties, improve the mechanical strength and weather resistance of magnetic materials, also easy to dry and easy to process

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