Silicone Masterbatch-PP

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GM-3500  Silicone Masterbatch-PP

Brand: FeidianChem
Company Type: Manufacturer/Exporter
Synonyms: Lubricant,Scratch resistant agent,
Mini order quantity: 25kg
Applications: Industrial Use
Country of Origin: Tongling/Anhui/China

Product Details

Ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer
1.Improved processing fluidity, lubricating property and demolding ability of plastics to reduce equipment frictional loss and decrease die buildup
2.Enhanced scratch resistance and surface elasticity deformation restorability of products
3.Excellent stability, low mobility, no precipitation, great property conservation rate
4.Improved plastic products appearance and surface finish
5.Improved fire-retardant property and lower smoke density
6.Increased cable speed as well as productivity, stabilized manufacturing technique 
Typical model physics data
Appearance: White solid particles
Carrier: PP
Thermal weight loss:≤1.5%
1.The product is a silicone lubricant, could put up great dispersion and lubricity in processing. Meantime, it has no risk of precipitation but keeps great property conservation rate.
2.The productis is a good processing agent when applying to modified plastics industry. Siloxane has effect of lubrication, which reduced compound viscosity and improved handling characteristic. Meantime, when some siloxane component moves to material surface, it improved surface finish and smoothness and increased scratch resistance.
3.Applying to glass fiber reinforced composites, The product is has significant effect of keeping off defects of glass fiber rich surface or glass emergence on the surface.

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